Blochsox- Adult
Blochsox- Adult

Blochsox- Adult

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BLOCHSOX™ gives you stability in your turns, support in your jumps and perfection in your lines. A cutting-edge dance sock designed for dancers to push boundaries with equal comfort and support. With innovative features like a built-in spin-spot, brake lines, grip control lines and enhanced compression arch, the freedom to dance with total control is now possible. Smoother turns, jump support and the ability to hold difficult lines are just a few of the benefits dancers can experience. *

* Brake lines are strategically positioned to help a dancer stabilize pirouettes and control challenging dance moves, while still allowing the ease of gliding in the sockSpin-spot. This allows dancer’s to turn and glide smoothly, the spin-spot also features extra padding to protect dancer's bones

* Grip control lines on the inside of the sock in the spin spot area, are engineered sticky fibres to help        hold the sock in place on dancer's foot

* Enhanced compression arch is supportive and designed to hug the dancer's foot, 

* Padded heel provides extra padding to protect dancer's bones

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